For Decades The Folks At KSCO Have Put Community First,

by supporting a wide diversity of viewpoints and creating a platform to make your voices matter.

With about 30 unique programs and around 80 different voices, KSCO reflects the broadest possible crossection of the community that makes Santa Cruz wonderful and weird.

Under the leadership of Michael Zwerling, owner and host of the Saturday Special, KSCO has maintained a steadfast commitment to free speech. Regardless of the political views of our hosts and callers, as long as the conversation is in good taste and serves our civic responsibility, controversy is welcome. We believe civil discourse is the best way to bring the best ideas to prominence and consign the worst ideas to the dust bin of history.

However, many members of the community prefer to use boycotts, blackmail or guilt by association to silence the voices with whom they disagree. While some of our most popular programs are also the most controversial, advertisers are not willing to risk being seen as supporting views their customers may not agree with. As such, one of our most popular programs only attracts a small fraction of the advertisers needed to cover their costs.

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